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Learning links

Below you will find a list of weblinks providing useful revision information.

SAM Learning

Online revision site

BBC GCSE Bitesize

Revision for several GCSE subjects

BBC Key Stage 3 Bitesize

Revision for end-of-Key-Stage tests

Education information, resources and ICT for teachers and students

For Year 11 and below - find out more about university

For all year groups

Revision for several GCSE subjects

Revision for GCSE and A-Level topics

KidsZine is a free online magazine with information and resources for students

Access to the National Archives. Students can use the Learning Curve for researching an essay, a presentation, a report, a piece of course work or an in-depth personal study.

English Links:

online English dictionary

Geography Links:

'Probably the best geography website available' (The Guardian). Virtual fieldwork, case studies, on-line maps, photo gallery, geography links.

History Links:

This is an on-line database featuring around 5,000 objects chosen by the curators from the British Museum's collections.

This site has content about how castles were built and what it was like to live in a castle.

British Library 'Putting History in Place'. A collection of images and sounds relating to our history. (Needs a broadband connection)

This site contains a large collection of eyewitness accounts to some of the main events of the past.

This is a detailed site for anyone studying the Great War.

History material studied as part GCSE and A Level courses.

Detailed timelines covering the last 2000 years and links to other resources

Wide-ranging history site for GCSE pupils

Mathematics links:

support of Years 7-9 mathematics

RE links:

The GCSE RE site

Access to GCSE past papers for Religion and Life and Religion and Society for the edexcel board

Science links:

A magazine for teenagers supported by top organisations in science

Some interesting scientific facts

Modern Foreign Languages links:



KS3/4 resource

KS3/4 resource

KS3/4 resource

KS4/5 resource

KS4/5 resource

KS4/5 resource